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“I found Dr. Bill by accident but am so happy I did! He genuinely listens to my concerns and works hard to get to the root cause of pain. After figuring out the problem, he works with me on stretches and fundamental changes to solve the problem, not just but a bandaid on it. After the first session, I saw improvements in my pain and left with some exercises/stretches as well as some tips for my weightlifting form to keep getting better. I still have a long way to go on my PT journey but I have significantly less pain and feel that working with Dr. Bill has been the catalyst for that. He cares more about people as a whole than about making money and is working hard to build his business to be a holistic practice to provide as much help and resources to his patients as possible. I am thankful I stumbled upon his practice!”

Jessica H.

“Dr. Renkas was great! Helpful and informative. He identified the problem and quickly addressed it. He followed up to see how I was doing. He also was patient in answering all questions.”

Caroline G.

“Dr. Bill…….has gone further into investigating the cause of my pain than anyone else in the P.T. world has dared to attempt. His effort and the RESULTS from my 5 visits thus far are why I have taken the time to write a review. When the results make a difference in the quality of life, with so few visits, I’m grateful 🙏I have found him and his expertise! THANK YOU and let’s keep working on my goals!”

Beth S.

“Dr. Bill is very good at listening and figuring out what is best for you and your recovery. No cookie cutter plans here! Highly recommend!!”

Angela K.

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Missy C.

“Dr Bill listened to my complaints about current and past aches and pains, asked a lot of great questions and then got right to work helping me with the pain in my hips and knees. With manual therapy, dry needling and corrective exercises I am no longer in acute pain and can move, sleep and keep up with my kids like I want to!”

Thomas E.

“Dr. Bill as he goes by has worked with me over the last three months to heal my broken foot. He is amazing to work with and has definitely speeded my recovery. He comes to my house with his work table and messages the foot/leg and directs me through exercises to speed up my recovery. He provides a list and description of the exercises, checks in during the week to answer questions, and provides links covering your surgery and exercises. I would certainly recommend that you contact him. I hired him because he comes to my house during this Covid period and gives you his entire attention for an hour. My experience with other physical therapists for healing after surgery has been disappointing due to the lack of attention provided by the therapist associated with hospitals or clinics.”