Our Award Winning Team in Raleigh


We are committed and dedicated to our staff, patients, and our Raleigh community.


To create and uphold an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, equality, and integrity from the ground up, as a unified team.


To provide an atmosphere of healing, trust, and empowerment to achieve optimal health and wellness, while generating results that you can feel.


To serve members of our local community by promoting collective health and wellness in order to foster connection amongst all individuals in our shared environment.

Providers and Wellness Team

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Dr. Bill Renkas


Alexandra Rose

Practice Administrator

Dave Williams

Practice Administrator

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Who We Treat

Adults That Want To Be Active For Life


  • Not wanting to be told to rest and take it easy because parenting isn’t easy.
  • Not wanting to miss out on playing with their kids because you are afraid to pull your back out.
  • Wanting to stay in shape and be energetic to go on trips with your family.
  • Want to enjoy their exercise as your me time and don’t want to lose that.
  • Feeling run down and needing a break at the end of the day because you have back or hip pain nagging you all day, and now you don’t have personal time.