North Raleigh CrossFit – Community Empowerment

North Raleigh CrossFit – Community Empowerment

December 19, 2019

It has been my pleasure to meet and interact with the members of North Raleigh CrossFit since June 2019. The first thing I learned about them is how much they care about each other and the camaraderie they share. The sense of family seen keeping each other accountable for morning workouts to getting together for nights out at a local brewery, food hall, or even each other’s homes for holiday parties.

The owners Ashley and Jonathan Denton have grown a community since April of 2013 after coaching and participating in CrossFit at another gym and wanting a community of their own with people passionate about life, fitness, and uplifting others. Their mission calls for hard work, laughter, encouragement, and growth. They wanted a one on one intimate coaching relationship for their members, which they can do with their manageable class sizes.

The number 1 thing they want is for when people come, they can get away for one hour to work out hard, but once that hour is up, they can go on living their life. North Raleigh CrossFit caters to the parents and young professionals and it is not uncommon for them to have a puppy, a baby, or kids arrive at the gym at a given time. They wanted a place that would be comfortable even for their parents.

When asked about health, wellness and preventing/rehabbing injuries, Jonathan and Ashley pointed to their introduction class “Foundations.” Foundations is set-up to teach the most beginner of beginners how to perform the standard lifts used by CrossFit. I was able to sit in on a class with Jonathan. He took the time and paid close attention to make sure participants got the form correct and were not in a position to hurt themselves but in a position to succeed. When asked about people being intimidated by CrossFit, Ashley pointed out that people start from all different levels. She feels there is a stereotype to CrossFit that is only 1% of the people that perform it, and at NRCF they welcome all.

She recited the story of a young lady that was unable to get up from the ground when she first started. Time and effort helped her grow stronger so that she could participate in all of the workouts to some level. The woman was able to change her life by growing stronger and more confident through CrossFit. The dedication to growth is visible as soon as you enter the gym and see a wall full of personal and physical goals set by members to achieve through the year!

Ashely and Jonathan also have had a respect for taking care of the body. They have had physical therapists work from their space in the past and now partner with me. I can answer questions, give any quick advice I can regarding muscle activation, form, what to work on for specific limitations. I can recommend being seen for imaging if concerned or recommend physical therapy care if needed to achieve their goals. This respect for health and wellness pushes NRCF over the top and sets their clients up for success and empowerment.

Here are some links so you can check them out yourself.

Are you wanting to start CrossFit or get back into it but are having trouble with an injury or nagging pain? Are google/youtube exercises, rest, or ice not working? You can set up a call to review what is limiting you and if therapy is the right next step. – Speak with a Specialist

If you know, physical therapy is what you need but not sure Movement First Physical Therapy is the answer, sign up for a Free Discovery Visit to decide if we are a good fit to achieve your goals!

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