Pulse Pilates – Keeps you positive and fit!

Pulse Pilates – Keeps you positive and fit!

September 2, 2019

It is my goal to help people stay healthy and fit to live a life without worry or limitation. To do this, I am always in search of complementary services that help promote this goal. In my search, I have found a wonderful pilates studio with a focus on positivity and community.

What are pilates?

Pilates is the practice of body control with or without the use of a reformer machine to promote overall body strength and health. The studio Pulse Pilates can do this as well as leave you with a sense of belonging and positivity. In a world of individuals, it is easy to feel separated and in competition with others around us no matter what we do.

Elisa, the owner of Pulse Pilates, began her business with the idea and hoped that it would avoid all of this. She can accommodate all skill levels as well as promote an atmosphere that welcomes anyone with a bright smile and warm greeting. Her passion for pilates began while she was a dancer, which she still loves. She shares her passion for dance and now pilates with her daughter, who will be becoming an instructor as well.

We all start as beginners

I recently made one of Elisa’s beginner classes, and it was an outstanding experience. I arrived early to fill out paperwork and found out that I was not the only one new to the class. I also learned I was not the only one nervous or intimidated by my first pilates class. As it would turn out, there was nothing to be worried about because how the class ran with education, corrections, and instruction all done with excellence and positivity. A perfect combination of compliments, corrections, and possible modifications for those with pain areas made me feel at home and focused on the workout and not how I looked doing it.

With the guidance of the instructor, I could feel myself using all my core muscles and focusing on my motion. I can see the private classes Pulse provides being exponentially beneficial. The instructor could provide further corrections and cues to ensure I get the most out of the workout.

As mentioned before, Pulse Pilates is conscious of its participants’ limitations physically or medically and will provide cues to help avoid pain. Elisa was wonderful to make sure those with sensitive areas knew when to modify and how. She had mentioned if she cannot find helpful modifications, she may recommend seeking medical attention for a physical issue.

Overall, Pulse Pilates is a place I would recommend to all of my clients. I trust the instructors will help them continue to grow physically and live a life with confidence.

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